Grant - what a beautiful piece. You managed to knit narratives of meaning, culture and trends into a manifesto for designers (like me) and design thinkers (aka ethno-designers).

Reflections from the Brainstorm Design 2019 conference and their relevance through 2020.

As the planet’s lone professor of Business Design and Innovation (at least for now), I was invited to attend the Singapore-based Brainstorm 2019 event hosted by the editors of Fortune and Wallpaper magazines.

Image: People Watching by Erica Boothby

This is the second post on Business Design.

Business Design applies design strategies to improve or transform business activities. As mentioned in the first post, Business Design practitioners display an empathic-strategic mindset through repeated use of design methods to find, frame and solve business problems. …

This is the first of two posts on Business Design.

Business Design is broadly defined as a human-centred design approach to business innovation. Human-centred design puts the intended user/consumer at the centre of the innovation process. The concept was first introduced by Stanford psychologist-engineer John Arnold in the late 1950s, then further contextualized by management strategist Roger Martin in 2009…

Innovation doesn’t just happen — it is designed by humans for humans.

While economists discuss new theories, scientists develop new technologies and industrialists exploit new markets, the process of innovation is first and foremost socially constructed. …

Design has emerged from the original architecture and furniture studios, automobile factories and Silicon Valley’s computer labs, and is heading to a corporate boardroom near you. Its new form is not a designer chair, handbag or technology. It is human. This new type of designer is equally comfortable in a…

Angele Beausoleil

professor, business designer, innovation agent, strategist, inventor, tech passionista, renaissance woman.

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